Ghost Touch Problem On Phone

Ghost touch Problem On Phone

Ghost touch Problem On Phone (SOLVED)

While smartphones with touchscreens have become ubiquitous and the quality of materials used to make them have improved. But still, it is not perfect. One of the most common touch screen problems is that of ghost touch.


An unresponsive or malfunctioning touch screen makes it impossible to use our smartphone and on top of that, it feels extremely frustrating and annoying. A Ghost touch( or touch glitches) is a term used when your screen responds to random taps and touches that you are not making.

How to Fix Ghost Touch issue?

1) Replace poor charging cable and charger.

Many times ghost touch issue happens only when phones are connected to a charger. This is especially likely if you happen to use a charger or a cable of bogus quality.
What happens is the digitizer (the sensor responsible for detecting and locating the touches) malfunctions.
Although many times it is temporary and if you are facing this ghost touch issue while charging your phone, it is best to replace the charger or the charging cable with an original one.

ghost Touch Problem On Phone

2) Clean the display

To do this, take a slightly moist soft cloth and wipe the screen. Follow this step with a dry cloth and wipe it clean. It is a good practice to wipe your screen for a couple of weeks to prevent any smudges or dust accumulations.
Dust is often abrasive and insulating. It can get into connectors and sliding or mating mechanical contacts like switches and relays and cause premature wear or malfunctioning of the contacts or mechanical so it’s best to clean dust periodically.

3) Remove the screen protector or tempered glass if any.

This is probably the most common reason for ghost touch. Poor quality screen protectors are usually made from poor materials. As a result, the display receives signals from various parts of the screen protectors which are conducting and result in ghost touch.

Ghost Touch Problem

4) Perform a factory reset

To check if baggy software is behind the issue or you have got some virus in your device, the easiest method is to perform a factory reset of your phone. This will bring your phone back to its original factory settings.
If the problem of ghost touch was caused by a disorderly app or a buggy software update, chances are high that a factory reset will solve it.
Please Note- A factory reset will erase all your data on the device. So please make sure you are ready with the step.

5) Take it to the service center

So you did everything that you could do to your phone. If you are reading it till here probably it didn’t work out, so it’s time to accept defeat and take it to a professional and see if it can be repaired or not.

Motorola Phone Got Wet

The moment of truth-

So the verdict is that you have damaged your phone’s screen and now there is no way to fix it all by yourself. There are many tech blogs out in the market that claim this issue can be fixed by installing a simple application, but no if all those above tricks didn’t work for you then it’s most probably a hardware issue and a mere software (application) can not fix it.

Pro tip-> Try to visit at least two professional service stores

   1) The official company’s service center
   2) Local Professional service center

The company’s service center will repair your phone in the majority of the cases but for some, it will cost hefty(for critical damage), so you should visit the local service center as they may have those spare phone parts that are required in your case and thus they would charge less money.

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