How to FIX message blocking is active for android and iOS Devices?

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What does message blocking is active mean for android and iOS Devices?

You were trying to send a text message to someone and this error- “free msg: unable to send message blocking is active” popped up. 

Many users have reported this problem with both iOS and Android devices. The fact that with the upcoming of many applications that can deliver your messages to your loved ones via the internet does not mean that the carrier messages have lost their importance.

Text messaging is an important form of communication and it has millions of users involved daily.

Users with iPhone (ios) or Android devices have seen the “message blocking is active” error immediately after they sent a text but we will try to make this guide easy to follow for users who may have encountered this issue. Let’s take a closer look at the “free msg: unable to send message – message blocking is active.” issue and see the options we can explore.

What Does “Message Blocking Is Active” Mean?

The error “message blocking is active” is displayed when you attempt to send a message on your phone (Android, iPhone). One of the most usual reasons for message blocking is the active notification popping up.

It’s essentially when either the sender or the receiver is a part of the blocked contacts lists of each other. You could try to confirm this by communicating with each other and see if the call goes through or not.

Parental controls might also be involuntarily enabled in some cases it means that you have prevented your phone from sending messages to the contact or the recipient has added your phone number to block or blacklist.

Why is message blocking active?


This is one of the most typical reasons for message blocking is active notification popping up.

It’s essentially when either the sender or the receiver is a part of the blocked contacts lists of each other.

You could try to verify this by communicating with each other and see if the call goes through or not. Parental controls might also be accidentally enabled in some cases.

Service Outage

That’s not a problem from your end. The “free msg: unable to send message – message blocking is active.” error message could mean you have a service interruption.

So you’d want to give it a few minutes or hours before retrying as there is a possibility that your network provider is doing maintenance, and might have interrupted the messaging service.

Shortcode issues

Another cause we have discovered about T-Mobile could be an error with the shortcode. This seems to be the explanation as to why a lot of T-Mobile users are experiencing this issue.

Some “message blocking is active” errors were caused by short-codes being either sedentary or incorrect. Verify that this isn’t from your end, if you’re on the clear, then the error would be on T-Mobile’s end, and you would have to contact them so they can have their technicians fix the issue.

You will need the guidance of experienced technicians to solve this problem.

Text Message App Restrictions

The “free msg: recipient unable to receive message – message blocking is active.” error would mean that the receiver has restricted messages coming from a certain group of users.

Some messaging applications may be having issues working seamlessly with your carrier. If any of these was used, you might have to examine to see if you can manually allow these applications.

If there isn’t an option to allow these applications, then you might not be able to settle this issue on your own.

Data plan issues

You would also want to be sure of the plan you’re subscribed to. If you are striving to send text messages from a Data only plan, then there’s a possibility that the message wouldn’t go through and you’ll get this error message.

Check for premium message support

You should also verify that the service you’re sending the message to supports premium text messaging assistance.

We earlier talked about not being able to carry the message because your carrier doesn’t support premium text messaging support, in this case, you should be sure that the issue isn’t on the recipient’s side.

HOW TO FIX “Message Blocking Is Active”?

Check coverage

Check if your network coverage is satisfactory. This is generally listed as a pictograph in the upper right-hand edge of the phone. If the coverage has been listed as None or if you can’t distinguish bars, then you might not be able to call someone or send and receive text messages. So make sure you are in the network area.

Check if your phone is active

Go to the device settings on your mobile phone and check if your smartphone is being listed as Active. If you’re seeing a Suspended or Still Porting in place of Active, then you might not be able to make calls or send and receive text messages. 

Check whether messages are included in your plan

First, ensure that on your account settings page, the option Can Send/Receive Text Messages is approved. If that option is approved, it’s likely that you’re seeing the message blocking is active notification because text messaging is not incorporated as a part of your paid plan. 

Check if there’s enough storage

You will need at least 10% of free space in order to be able to send a text message. Free up disk space by getting cleared of unnecessary applications, irrelevant documents, and old photos.

Check if you’re using the right country code

If you’re on international borders, you might be confronting the issue of messaging being blocked simply because of entering the wrong country code. All you need to do is perform a simple Google search to find out if you’re using the right country code.

Try re-saving the contact

If you’ve tried all the above fixes and the issue still continues, it might have to do with a particular contact. You might have entered the wrong number by mistake. So, delete the contact and re-save the contact with the appropriate digits.


Like we’ve explained before, you might not be able to send a message because your contact has been blocked by the other person or vice-versa.

So, go to your contacts and check your list of blocked connections. Unblock them if they’re on the record. Ask the other person to do the same. Call the recipient to verify if you’ve removed it from the blocklist.

Blocking an anonymous contact on your Android device:

Go to your Phone app and then tap on the button that says More Options. Navigate to Call History and tap on the call from the number you intend to block. When you’re done selecting, tap on Block/Report Spam. This will favorably add the specific contact to the list of blocked numbers. 

Unblocking a number on your Android device:

Go to your Phone app and tap on the button that says More Options. Drive to Settings and scroll down to Blocked Numbers. You will see an Unblock option next to the contact that you crave to unblock. Tap on it to remove the contact from the blocklist. 

Block/Unblock a Contact on an iPhone:

Tap on the Phone App from your Home Screen or from the App Library. Go to Recents and tap on the Info icon next to the particular contact. Scroll down to the depths of the screen to find an option that says Block this Caller. Tap on it to Block an anonymous contact. You can Unblock a contact the same way. 

FIX “Message Blocking Is Active”- Enable premium access

It’s fairly manageable to check if you’ve enabled premium access on your phone. Make your move to Settings and click on App Management. You should be able to see an icon labeled Messaging. Tap on it and navigate down to Special Access. There should be an alternative to Allow Premium Access. Turnabout it on if it hasn’t been enabled yet.

FIX “Message Blocking Is Active”- Text Content

There might be a chance that you’re confronting the “message blocking is active” problem because of all the non-text elements being added to your message.

If that’s the case, then you resolve it by simply transferring a plain text message without any images, GIFs, emojis, or attachments. The character limit for all approved messaging assistance is 160 characters.

If this character limit is surpassed, then a plain text message might be reformed into an MMS.

FIX “Message Blocking Is Active”- iMessaging

There might be a chance that your number is registered as an iMessaging number even after you’ve made the shift from an iPhone to an Android device. Contact the Apple delegates to solve this issue.

FIX “Message Blocking Is Active”- Reset your phone

This is usually the last resort if all the above-mentioned predicaments fail. Hold down the power key on your phone until it restarts. If your phone has a removable battery, then try taking it out and installing it back again. If your battery cannot be removed, then try excluding the SIM card from the designated tray and putting it back again.

FIX “Message Blocking Is Active”- Do A Complete Factory Reset

The last possibility would be a complete factory reset of our device. To do this go to Settings >> select Reset >> tap Factory Data Reset >> enter the information it requests and do an entire factory reset of your phone to have it recover to default. Things should work if you try this, but I should warn you that it has to be the very last resort.

How to Turn OFF Message Blocking Is Active on iPhone

Fix 1: Check That the Recipient Information Is Entered Correctly

For any messaging and emailing issue, we recommend this first as many issues we face are frequently a result of entering the information of the receiver wrongly. Missing a number or a letter would cause a text message or an email to not release to a recipient. So check that that phone number or email is accurate.

Fix 2: Eject and Swap the SIMs

Try interchanging the SIM cards in your iPhone and try messaging with a new SIM. If it works, then the issue is apparently with the SIM. We have seen cases, where the inefficiency to send text messages, was SIM-specific, so examine if that is the case for you.

FIX 3: Turn iMessage OFF

Turning iMessage OFF is both a fix and a way to quarantine the fault. There is the iMessage and the regular texting app on your iPhone, and any one of them could be the offender, so turn one OFF and try messaging with the opposite, and in this case, it will be the iMessage.To do this, tap Settings >> go to Messages >> select Turn iMessage OFF.

Try imparting a message after doing this. If that doesn’t retaliate the problem, let’s try the next fix.

Fix 4: Try to send a Text Using iMessage

Since iMessage wasn’t the issue, this process will focus on a simple troubleshooting responsibility on the iMessage app and then trying to send a message with it.

To do this, ensure that your phone has good internet connection (always leave iMessage OFF when you don’t have internet connection or an active data plan) >> go to Settings >> select Messages >> select Send & Receive >> tap on the Apple ID >> and select Sign Out >> reboot your iPhone >> go back to the Settings app >> select Messages >> and tap Use Your Apple ID for iMessage.

FIX 5: Update to the Latest iOS / Consider the Age of Your iPhone

You would want to check that your device has the latest software operating on it. Compared to android phones, iOS software updates are very significant to iPhones. The distinction between the first 3 iPhones and the last three iPhones is the software updates.

If you are using an older iPhone that is probably not receiving new OTA (over the air) updates, or you’ve not installed an update in a while, that could be our culprit. To check for updates from Apple, go to Settings >> select General >> select Software Updates and you perform any available software updates.

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