How to speed up Motorola One Power

How to speed up Motorola One Power

Top 10 ways to speed up Motorola one power.

Android smartphones, such as the Motorola One power, are amazingly fast these days, all thanks to the higher amount of RAM, incredible processors, and storage types. But in the era of the Internet, digital devices are exposed to threats of viruses, bugs, and junk files which accumulate over time and thus slowing down your phone.
As a result, we try to cover these things with some cache cleaning applications and anti-viruses but WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO SPEED UP YOUR PHONE?

Do you feel that your Motorola One Power has been lagging? Do you need to speed up your Motorola One Power Smartphone? Don’t worry we got you covered. In this article, we will be listing down top ways to speed up your Motorola One Power immediately.


Motorola One Power is a pretty decent Budget smartphone with 4 GB of RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 as a processor. The Phone performs decently and the speed is also overall good.

How to speed up Motorola One Power

But sometimes it might slow down or lag while running applications. It is quite a common thing for Android Smartphones nowadays.
Here in this article, we present to you the best ways to speed up your Motorola One Power. Just follow every step then comment down the results that you achieved or problems if you faced any.
We will be listing down the best ways to speed up Motorola One Power for FREE and will precisely guide you to do it as well.

1) Run a virus scan

If you have installed some application from an untrusted source then this step is STRONGLY recommended to you. The virus can sneak into your device in several ways whether it be the internet or some suspicious application.
You should run a full system scan once in a while just to be sure.
Viruses and malware can affect your Motorola One Power’s performance badly. To run a quick system scan follow the following steps-

  1. Go to google play store and install Avast antivirus-Scan and Remove Virus, Cleaner. You can use any other antivirus of your choice too. Just make sure it is a reliable one.
  2. Wait till the application gets installed and once it does open it.

The Avast antivirus will scan your device completely and if it finds some suspicious threats it will clear it up for you.

Motorola Phone Got Wet

2) Format your SD Card

A malicious SD card can cause an application crash and lag on your phone’s performance. 

Temporary files, Junk files, and some application cache are sometimes stored in SD cards. 

A torn or poorly managed SD card can badly affect your Phone’s Performance and speed.

Formating your SD card will erase all the data on it so make sure you back it up first then format it.

This step will erase all your data in the SD card along with junk files.

Also, try running your Phone without the SD card. If the issue resolves or deteriorates then it means that your SD card was faulty or duplicate.

3) Clean all the app cache

Clearing up the application cache not only increases the smoothness of the application but also improves the overall speed of the phone.
Your Motorola One Power may slow down due to the accumulation of old application data.
Clearing the application cache increases the performance of the phone however the app can keep newer versions of the same thing.
To clean up the cache follow these steps-

  1. Go to Google Play Store and install Clean Master- Cache clean, Fast VPN, Phone Booster application.
  2. Once the app is installed open the app and tap on “Junk Clean”. This will clear all the unnecessary cache on your phone.
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4) Uninstall unused applications.

Maintaining space in your device’s internal storage is crucial. Keep the applications and data that are useful to you the rest is garbage.Just like you keep your home clean same thing goes for your Motorola One Power or any other Android device.

Various applications may keep working in the background of the phone and thus acquiring space in RAM.

It is necessary to clean things up.
Just analyze which applications you use and which you don’t. Get rid of the unused apps.

If you have numerous images and videos you may consider moving them to some cloud or external storage.

So, it is possible to increase the speed of Motorola One Power by uninstalling unused or waste applications.

5) Update your Motorola One Power regularly.

Android being open-source is full of bugs and malware. Since it is being updated like once in a while you also need to update your Motorola One Power to the latest Android version.
Motorola provides Android updates, to check if you are running your phone on the latest version of it follow the following steps-

  1. Go to the settings of the device.
  2. Tap on the “System” option.
  3. There tap on “System Updates” 
  4. The device will check if there is any pending update and will respond accordingly.

Each new version of Android comes with various Performance updates which can work miraculously.
So by updating your Motorola One Power can boost your phone speed and overall performance.

How to speed up Motorola One Power

6) Perform a Factory Reset

If you want a quick solution to your problem then this is your step to perform.

A Factory Reset will erase all your data on the phone including junk and viruses.

This will clean up your device’s internal storage and at the same time, your RAM will start working like new again.

This will highly improve your Motorola One Power’s speed and performance.

The only downside that this step comes up with is that all of your data will be erased so you should back your device first.

7) Restart your Motorola One Power

If you want a quick and temporary solution to your problem then you might want to go with this step.
Restarting your device will speed up your Motorola One Power and will improve its performance greatly.
When you restart your device it will kill all the applications and processes that were working in the background. This will free up the RAM.
This will allow your Motorola One Power to gain some speed faster than before.

How to speed up Motorola One Power

8) Use lighter versions of applications if available

Lite app is a limited featured app mainly designed for low-end devices.
Lite apps are smaller in size, require less space in RAM, can work smoothly with limited internet connections.
Also, the lite versions usually have no technical support. However, many popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Opera also have their ‘lite’ versions.
Using lite versions of these apps can speed up your Motorola One Power. They will provide a smooth user experience with absolutely no lag.

9) Don't use too many widgets

Any widget you place on your home screen always keeps working in the background thus acquiring space in your RAM.

Just keep those widgets that are necessary and helpful and get rid of the useless ones.

For example, Live Wallpaper acquires an extremely large amount of space in your phone’s RAM. If you also have a Live Wallpaper then you are advised to replace it with a fixed image or a gradient.

So one of the many ways you can speed up your Motorola One Power (P30 Note) is to use very few widgets on the home screen that is just the necessary ones.

Avoid live wallpapers as much as possible. A live wallpaper slows down the Motorola One Power (P30 Note) as well as reduces the charge of the mobile.

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10) Face the truth

So you did everything that you could do to your device. Now if the phone doesn’t speed up or still lags, it’s time to accept defeat and take it to a professional and see if it can be repaired or not.

Pro tip-> Try to visit at least two professional service stores
1) The official company’s service center
2) Local Professional service center

The company’s service center will repair your phone in the majority of the cases but for some, it will cost hefty(for critical water damage), so you should visit the local service center as they may have those spare phone parts that are required in your case and thus they would charge less money.

It might be possible that you are facing this issue after you got your Motorola One Power wet in the rain or any other worst case, so read this article to find a solution to the problem.

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