Motorola Phone Got Wet

Motorola Phone Got Wet

Motorola Phone Got Wet (SOLVED)

The world suddenly freezes when you see your phone dunked in water. Whether it is in a pool, the sea, or a toilet, you know nothing good will come out of the next few seconds. But what’s important is what you do next.

This guide will help to avoid permanent water damage and what to do if your Motorola phone or any other phone with a non-removable battery gets wet.

1) Turn your phone off as soon as possible.

I know it’s hard to react quickly after such a devastating event, but you must snap out of it. The longer your Motorola or any other device stays in the water, the lower chances of survival are. Once your phone is out of the water, make sure you turn it off as soon as possible. Even if it seems fine. Running an electrical charge through any wet electrical circuit is bound to cause problems due to conductivity.

Phone parts

2) Take out the removable parts.

Most of the Motorola or other smartphones have no removable backs so just remove what is user-removable which are SIM cards and SD cards. Lay it all out on a paper towel. While you are doing this be careful not to tap or shake your phone also avoid using buttons on your phone as you could be moving liquid around inside it.

3) Dry the exterior with a soft towel.

Try to get rid of excess water on your Motorola phone. Use a cloth or a towel (but make sure it is gentle and lint-free) to dry out as much as you can.
You can also use your towel to dry other parts which you were able to remove like the SIM card, micro-SD card. Just gently dry everything out without moving things too much.

4) Dry the phone using Rice or silica gel packs.

Now you have reached the ‘wait and see’ part of this journey. You dried the outside and visible moisture as best as you could but now we have to dry the moisture that you couldn’t get to.

  •  Use uncooked rice- Well there’s still some debate over this trick but I will suggest it as it worked in my case when my Motorola one power got wet in rain. Get an airtight container or zip lock bag and bury your phone in uncooked rice. The rice will absorb the moisture and help dry out your phone. Just leave your phone for approximately 36-48 hours.
  •  Silica gel packs- These are those little packets you often find in shoes or electronics boxes. These are great at absorbing moisture because that’s what they are meant to do. Place some packets into an airtight container with your phone and wait for them to help dry your phone completely.   

Motorola Phone Got Wet

Please note- Old packets that have already been used would have already reached their capacity so they won’t work.

5) Check the Phone

Try to turn your phone on. Check if the screen, speakers, microphone, camera, and rest of the features are working as they should be.

Face the truth

So you did everything that you could do to your device. Now if the phone doesn’t work, it’s time to accept defeat and take it to a professional and see if it can be repaired or not.

Motorola Phone Got Wet
Pro tip-> Try to visit at least two professional service stores
1) The official company’s service center
2) Local Professional service center
The company’s service center will repair your phone in the majority of the cases but for some, it will cost hefty(for critical water damage), so you should visit the local service center as they may have those spare phone parts that are required in your case and thus they would charge less money.

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